Using Hypnotism to Quit Smoking: Four Myths Explained


Thinking about using hypnotism to quit smoking? If so, you are not alone. Many people are turning to this alternative therapy to help them quit. Unfortunately, many people are also held back by the untruths and myths surrounding hypnosis.

To put your mind at rest, here is a look at some myths and the truth behind them:

1. Myth: Hypnosis is scary

Many people find the idea of hypnosis scary. What if they never become un-hypnotised? What if they cluck like chicken every time they hear a bell ring for the rest of their lives?

Fortunately, these fears are unfounded and hypnosis is not scary at all. In fact, if you have ever arrived at work and not really remembered getting there, you were actually in a hypnotic state as you drove to work. Similarly, if you meditate, that is also a form of hypnosis.

2. Myth: Hypnotised people have no control

This myth follows some of the ideas referenced above, but fortunately, it is not true. A hypnotised person cannot do anything he or she does not truly want to do. A hypnotist cannot trick a person into murdering someone or running into the street naked.

However, if you are one of the millions of smokers who really want to quit smoking, a hypnotist can help you tap into that desire so that you can amplify your strengths and overcome that habit.

3. Myth: Strong-willed people resist hypnosis

If you are a strong willed person, you may be afraid that your mind will automatically resist hypnotism. However, that is not true. Unfortunately, some people are relatively resistant to hypnosis, but it is not based on the strength of their will or any other measurable personality trait.

Instead, new research suggests that resistance or acceptance of hypnosis is based on a person's cognitive style. Until you try, you won't know how much this type of therapy can help you.

4. Myth: Hypnosis can make you want to quit smoking

Because hypnosis does not have the power to control you, it cannot make you want to quit smoking. However, if you already want to quit smoking, it can help you. Studies indicate that 60 percent of smokers who try hypnosis quit smoking successfully.

If you like the idea of quitting but don't actually want to quit, consider that you may be lying to yourself. People who smoke often tell themselves that their children aren't affected by the smoke or that their constant chest colds aren't related to smoking and a number of other lies. Facing those lies can help you want to quit smoking, and that can lay the foundation for a successful hypnotism session.

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27 May 2015

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