Tips to Starting a Colon Cleanse for Weight Loss


Whether you are trying to be health conscious or would simply like to shed off a few kilos, embarking on a colon cleanse diet is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is because when you cleanse out your colon, you are effectively getting rid of wastes as well as any toxins that may be in your system. Undoubtedly, the colon has its own mechanism of cleaning itself. However, there are remnants of waste that remain on its walls. There are several options of cleaning your colon medically, such as undergoing a colonoscopy, but these tend to be uncomfortable as well as expensive. If you want to clean your colon at your own convenience for weight loss purposes, here are a few tips to help you do it in the comfort of your home.

Switch to organic foods

The first tip would be to change what you eat to foods that are organic. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other organic foods are much easier to digest than processed foods. Although these may be more expensive than your regular eating regimen, they are much better suited to maintaining a healthy colon. The roughage in these foods makes it easier for your colon to clean itself; thus, they are the best option when it comes to cleaning your colon. It would be ideal to start your day by consuming fresh fruit. This is because the fibre as well as water content in the fruits makes them much easier for your body to digest. Fruits are also a supreme source of vitamins. With this in mind, you should contemplate ingesting oranges, bananas, grapefruits or melons for breakfast. To make your colon cleanse diet even more nutritious, you could even make a fruit salad of all these fruits and have that for breakfast instead of a single fruit.

Eat proteins and carbohydrates individually

Another tip to consider when you want to engage in a diet to cleanse your colon would be to ensure that you separate carbohydrates from proteins. Carbohydrates are digested by different juices from those that digest proteins. By eating the two food groups separately, one ensures that they are not stressing their colon. One way to do this would be to pick a certain meal hat will be constituted only of proteins such as fish or chicken and then to designate a separate meal at a later time that will be constituted exclusively of carbohydrates. As your body digests the two food types individually, it will help in your colon cleanse diet.


3 December 2015

Coaching  Happiness: How Counselling Can Help You

My name is Janet Tuck. I am so lucky to be established in my dream job as a life coach. My job mostly involves listening to people and helping them find their own solutions. Marriage troubles, career stagnation, personal identity issues and grief are all problems which can benefit from professional counselling. Unfortunately, many people just won’t admit that they need the help. As a life coach, it isn’t my job to give direct advice. After completing a course with me, some clients decide to undertake further counselling with a specialist. Months later, they return to see me with a whole different attitude to life. I started this journal to let people know about the importance of seeking help, the types of counselling available and the incredible long-term benefits. May you find your true path in life and be happy in all that you do.